Holly hair comb
Holly hair comb
Holly hair comb


Holly hair comb

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The Holly hair comb is the wonderful icing on the cake of your wedding outfit and can be worn in many different ways. The carefully arranged bouquet of elaborately manufactured leather flowers creates an unobtrusive but nevertheless impressive impression, which you will be happy about years after your wedding when you wear the hairpiece to festive events. Every blossom and every leaf is cut, skilfully shaped and finally put together in hours of skillful handwork in our Berlin studio.

  • Hand-pressed and hand-cut leather flowers and leaves from organically tanned lamb leather

  • Made with old craftsmanship and traditional tools

  • Can be combined with a veil (not included)

  • Length: 15 cm

  • Color white

  • Material: lamb leather

The holly comb can be worn alone, but also in combination with a veil, as a perfect transition between your wedding ceremony with a long train and the following wedding celebration. This accessory can easily be worn with naturally falling hair, but also with an updo.

This headdress is made to order and sent within 2-4 weeks after payment. For a short-term order, please contact us in advance by email.

Do you like this model but still have wishes to adapt it to your dress? No problem. Contact us and we will change the headdress according to your wishes.